Like us, you probably dream to fish a river like the Alta? we offer to you to discover one of its neighbor : the Repparfjord. Located to 90 km of this one, to 150 km to the North Cap and of smaller size, she has a big fish reputation. Some of us don't hesitate to say that's the most beautiful river of Norway. From Sennalandet to Repparfjord, she's running in a wonderful landscape of a rare beauty. The beat includes the Skaidi river and the Storvatnet lake, which is famous for char fishing.

From the mouth to 18 km upstream, it's a nice mix of pools which alternate between large smouth and rapids.









The 2 km along are very wide pools, where the Repparfjord runs very quietly on large stone beaches and boulders. However, the corridors are not so far from the bank.

















Then, on 7 km the river becomes thinner and offer a zone of rapids which accelerate its course. Sometimes open, sometimes closed in wonderful canyons where succeed some fantastic pools that we can imagine, they've been created for fly fishing ! To the Aissaroivvefossen waterfall, salmon are running trought a fish ladder which opens the door for them to 3 rivers : the Nagjephnva, the Vuggeneselva and the Navgastakelva, what is represents a 48km total linear.

















In terms of catch number, she's classified to the 10th position of Norwegian rivers. Some 10 kg fish are regular, and each year some 15-20 kg fish are caught. The amazing Repparfjord record dates to 2009 with an incredible 23,9 kg fish !










The season runs from 1st of June to 31th of August. On June and until 10th of July, all fishing technics are allowed, and after, only fly fishing. Prime time is July. Under the midnight sun, you'll fish 24 hours a day. Fishing organisation is governed by beats which is assigned a color code with a number of licences. From the downstream to the upstream : Zone 1, blue, 10 licences. Zone 2, red, 10 licences. Zone 3, brown, 12 licences. Zone 4, orange, 5 licences. Zone 5, green, 4 licences. Zone 6, yellow, 15 licences. Zone 7 and 8 on Skaidi river, 4 licences on each.

A draw held every day at 5pm to your hotel. This one has 10 licences per day and confers to you the privilege to choose your 3 favorite beats whose one will be assigned to you. The fishing day take place from 6 pm to 6 pm the next day. The hotel that we've selected will bring you all the comfort that you need after a hard day in the water : indoor and outdoor pools with spa, bedroom with sauna are available, dinning "à la carte". Bedroom with breakfast, half or full board, you just have to choose !









The owner of the hotel is very involved in salmon fishing, so he will know to give you all the advices that you may need. Without unnecessary luxury, but with a very high quality service and some very good food, this beat offer the opportunity to catch a fish of a lifetime. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

General information :

- Location : Nothern part of Norway, Repparfjord city, from 150 km of the North Cap.

- Season : From 1st of June to 31th of August.

- Hotel : Single or twin bedroom with breakfast, half or full board. Please, take int account the cost of living in Norway, we recommend the full board option.

- Equipment : Double handed rods from 12' to 15'. Sinking line are recommended during the beginning of the season, and floating or sinktip lines are the norm.In August and on the upper pools, it's possible to use a single handed rod or a switch rod, but not less than a 8 line. Good reel with minimum 150m of 30lbs backing. For information, taking into account the size of fish in this river, some norwegian use a 60/00 tippet during all the season...

- Flies : Those generally used in Norway works well. The essential Green Highlander, Cascade (record fly), Sunray Shadows, Collie Dog, Red Frances, don't forget some hitch tubes and dry fly like bombers.

- Clothes : Relatively mild climate in summer, you've to bring some warm clothes and especially some good rain ones. Don't forget to provide a mosquito repellent.

- Disinfection : You've to disinfect all your fishing gear, waders + shoes, reels, lines... The hotel staff will help you with this gait.

- Flight : To Hammerfest (50km), Lakselv (90 km), Alta (92 km), usually via Oslo. The Alta airport is the best served. Visit this distant place imposes 1 or 2 stopovers from Paris and sometimes a night in a hotel between 2 flights.

- Doc and visa : IP or passport are sufficient for discovering this fjord and Trolls country.

- Currency : Norwegian crown

- Language : Norwegian, but they also speak english.

- Electricity : 220V

- Driving in Norway : Driving in Norway is very strict. The highway speed limit is 80 km/h. The BAC is reduced to 0, so take care before to celebrate your first salmon !


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