Astonishing Iceland ! it's hard to remain insensitive to this land which is old less than 20 millions years and more close than any other else from the chaotic beginnings of our planet. Located up in the North Atlantic, at the Arctic circle limit, just on the mid Atlantic ridge, which separate and remote inexorably the Eurasia and the Americas.




The ground is not the only conflict area in Iceland, at the crossroads of ocean polar currents coming from the Groenland and the hot Gulfstream, the country is the theatre of the atmospheric confrontation between subtropical and arctic flows. Paradoxically, it enjoys with a temperate oceanic climate : mild in winter and cool in summer. An harmony which is however troubled by the cold air from the arctic which is clashing with the hot and humid ones from the tropic . That's why the meteorologists called modestly the weather, a variable climat... Icelandic have fun to say : "You don't like the weather? wait 5 minuts". These rains ensures however correct water levels troughout the season.




But Iceland can also be gentle and smiling, with her dolls houses villages with red roof and his green meadows where graze some charming horses with gentle eyes, between two glaciers, a black sand desert and a volcano wearing a snow cap. To have a full view of the island, vast as the fifth of France, you can follow the road for 1 400 km, which, from fjords to glaciers, from fumaroles fields to geysers, from volcanoes to wonderful waterfalls, details the main curiosities and the scenic splendors born from the mariage of ice and fire. Time seems suspended during the magic summer nights. From beginning of July to the mid August, the sun hesitate to fall in the darkness, and refuses to leave our world.

But, beware, the Icelandic fisheries rules have some closing times. From the opening to mid August from 7am to 1pm and from 4pm to 10pm. From mid August to the end of the season : from 7am to 1pm and from 3pm to 9pm. Disinfection of all the fishing equipment is required before to entering in Iceland.

The rivers that we've selected for you, offered a full range of what is fishing in Iceland. From the wide river to little mountain stream, you have to choose ! It's in this incredible land, belonging to the Elves, Trolls and other leprechaun, that we invit you to discover the magic of this country.